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About My Company

Quality is my top priority!

Hi I’m Zoe! I am the owner and operator of Cobble & Vine Candle Co. I have always loved candles, so I decided to turn my passion into a business. I have chosen to use natural ingredients in my candles so that no harmful chemicals and toxins are emitted into the air when the candle is in use. Organic soy and wooden wicks are definitely the way to go! Plus, the combination of pure soy wax and the wooden wick makes the candle burn slower, so you get more life out of your candle! Check out Cobble & Vine’s fantastic selection!




What makes wooden wicks so great?

Enjoy the cracking sound!

Wooden wicks have been around forever, but they are just now gaining popularity, and for a good reason! Wooden wicks offer more benefits than the standard cotton wick. With wooden wicks, you don’t have to worry about “mushrooming”, which happens with cotton wicks after carbon builds up on the top. This is what creates that black smoke that no one wants. Also, some cotton wicks have a zinc, tin,  or lead core, which are not the safest to burn. But with wooden wicks, there’s no need to worry about that! They’re 100% natural wood!

The main reason why people love wooden wicks so much is the unique and distinctive crackling sound that they make when lit. It sounds exactly like a fireplace! The flame shape is also very unique. Wood wicks create a more wide, thin, and triangular flame, giving it an intriguing and modern look.

Another benefit of wooden wicks is that they are all natural and come from a sustainable resource. Eco-friendly is definitely the way to go!