The Rainbow Row Collection is an array of colorful glass bowls, custom made by a local glassblower at One Eared Cow Glass and filled with a variety of incredible fragrances. Each candle comes with a hand-turned wooden lid, made by the same local artist.

This collection was inspired by the beautiful, colorful houses that are historic to downtown Charleston. Just choose a bowl color you would like and which candle to fill it with. Please email us if you are interested in these!

Each candle is unique and truly a one of a kind, original piece of art; a statement item that catches peoples’ attention. These candles make perfect gifts and are guaranteed to leave a great impression!  

Once the candle has burnt through, you can keep the bowl and use it for any purpose you would like, or send it back to Cobble & Vine to be refilled with a new candle fragrance of your choice for a discounted price.